Bascos Blogg

Bascos Blogg

lördag 20 oktober 2012

This is me.....


This is to all my, Basco Kryddkatt new friends on Facebook and to others that don´t know what I´m writing about in this blog.

My name is Ta(Basco). Next spring I will become 4 years old together with my siblings Sambal and Harissa.

This summer we moved to a big, big house on the countryside of Stockholm, Sweden together with our twolegged mom and dad J and P and of course the rest of our catfamily Chili, Arwen, Soya and Cinnamon. They have made us a big, secure place on the porch for us to enjoy the wether. Sometimes we even go out on a leash.


This blog was ment to be a kind of a diary from the beginning, and an update on my daily reflections and thoughts. Before I started this blog I read a lot of other catblogs and one day I decided to make one of my own. This is the fist time I write in English so please have patience with my spelling:)

From now on I´m going to comment my posts in english too, so you can follow my blog if you like.

From the beginning:
Our mother, Masala, gave birth to us outside in the spring 2009, in an area called Länna in Stockholm. Some twolegged people found us and brougt us to one of Stockholms cat shelter, Stockholms Katthem. We were to small and needed to be with our mother for some more weeks, so they transported us to a nice lady who took care of us. When we reached the age when we didn´t need Masala any moore she was placed in the shelter to be adopted. We stayed with our human mom and our pictures was brought up on the shelters was also she who named us with our names of spices.


The summer of 2009 my twolegged mom J was looking at the shelters homepage, she had recently lost both of her old catbrothers Tiger 17 and Leo 18, and was just browsing the page when she saw me.....this was one of the picture...she fell in love.

The shelter had one request and that was that me and my sister Harissa would go to the same home. Now she had to convince daddy P to make a visit to see us in the nice ladys home.
Sambal, our brother was already booked.
So J and P decided to book me and Harissa. After a couple of visits it turned out that the person who booked Sambal wasn´t interested anymore. J and P had started to get feelings for him as well so they bought us all. They didn´t want to separate us.
When we arrived to our new home we met our soon to become extramom Arwen and a big guy called Chili. They became our role models.
Arwen was bought from the same shelter as us. She came from a home with too many cats and the people was old and didn´t care at all for the them. She was about 1 year when she moved home to J and P in 2008.
Chili was found as a kitten running around a petrol station all alone in 2007. Approximately 8-10 weeks old.
A couple of months later we all moved to a bigger apartment with a big balcony.
We enjoyed it there, the winter came and I found out that I love the snow falling on the balcony, nobody else than me ran around and played with the white stuff. Just like a dog.
One day in 2010, J had been at work and came across a young girl. According to the girl she had been robbed in her appartment. When J arrived she could see that there was a cat living there, but she couldn´t see it. The appartment was very small and the catlitter was full of poop and all the interior smelled of cat pee. It was messy. Suddenly a cat ran out from under the bed and jumped into J´s arms and just screamed. J felt like the cat screamed for help, like "Take me out of here!" The girl explained that she was about to give the cat up to a shelter. She wasn´t interested at all in the cat and hadn´t even bathering giving him a name. J saw the misery the cat had lived in and she decided to help the cat. It´s not so easy to find a place in the cat shelters but she finally found one and transported him there. Under the transport the cat just layed in J´s arms and pressed his head into her arm. No travelcage was necessary. She left him at the shelter but couldn´t forget him. So she decided to visit him on a day when she was free from work. When she arrived the manager told her that they had a cat cold at the shelter and if J could take the cat now, he probably wouldn´t be infected. After a few minutes J decided to bring him home. He was not neutered and was thrilled to meet everybody at home, well it wasn´t mutual. Especially when he tried to multiply him self with everybody. I was the only one who where glad to have him there. You know I love everybody, cats, dogs, humans just bring them on and I will show you.
He got neutered and the same evening the cold erupted. He got very sick, high fever, didn´t eat och drink. J slept with him for 3 nights just to hear him breath because he hardly could. He wasn´t vaccinated and it looked very dark. J and P decided to take him to the vet and he had to spend a few days there. He survided and returned home. His name is Soya.

You might think that J is a cat collector but in Sweden you are allowed to have up to 9 cats in a home. Of course the terms are that you have to take care of the ones you have. Do you want to have moore than that you have to get a permit.
Last year there was a desperate call on facebook. Two kittens who had been rescued from a cat collector had arrived to their new home, sadly the new owner developed allergi the first hours of their stay. The kittens had to go and they desperatly needed someone with a car and driving license to help them. J was free from work and responded. She picked the kittens up and thougt that she could take one of them in fostercare. It turned out that this little young girl made my home into her home in less than a day. I fell in love with her. Her name is Cinnamon.
We are all neutered, vaccinated and insured. The insurance thing is really important. You know me and my siblings have some problems with our teeth. The vet calls it malocclusion. I had a tooth removed and got some painkillermedicin and toothbrush for recovery. The problem was that I got really sick, didn´t eat, high fever and just laying down not showing any spirit at all. My eyemembrain was showing. J called the vet and they told her to stop giving me the medicin for the tooth. They thougt I might be allergic to it.
I got even sicker. At the time J was writing down everything that happend to me on this blog, she was really worried, because nothing she did helped. She got a great response from other bloggers that helped her keep the spirit up. Finally there was noting more to do, I had been in and out of the vet, getting fluid into my body, that helped for one day and then I was back in the same condition. J began to think that she had to let me be put to sleep. So she decided to get me back on the medicin just to see, what else could she do.
In a couple of hours I was me again. It turned out that I had another teeth that was infected and making me sick, it was not the medicin doing this. So for now we all get our teeth brusched. Sambal have a greater problem than I do, and J is brushing his teeth every day to avoid bacteria from increase. If J didn´t have us insured this would have ruin her.
I have to tell you about my mother Masala. She got adopted and moved to a place not so far from us. One day in the summer of 2011 she went missing from the balcony. She was nowhere to be seen. J took contact with her owner and kept her eyes open for her. Time went by and it didn´t look so bright finding her. Then J got a mail from Masalas owner. She was found, more than a year had passed. She was found in the subways depot by a catrescuer. J was so happy and she and Masalas owner met. J helped him a bit with Masalas nails who had to be cut and got her a shower to, witch was needed. She was very scared and was not very trustful. Masala have began trust her owner again and its a slow progress forward, but he has no hurry. He is just so glad that she is back and of course so am I. She even allows him to rub her belly now:)
This is a presentation of me and my family. I hope you enjoyed the reading and will continue to follow my blog.
Take care

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